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H&L Remediation is a full service property damage restoration company providing mold removal in Gilroy CA. Our licensed and insured mold remediation team operates 24/7 throughout Gilroy and the entire Santa Clara County. This means we are available for same day mold remediation service 7 days a week!

If you have visibly noticed mold growth, or are experiencing mold growths symptoms with no visible signs of growth, we are here to help! Do not hesitate to give us a call at (408) 645-5958. We are standing by ready to help! There is a reason why H&L Remediation is the leading mold remediation company in Gilroy!

Common Signs that Mold Growth is Present in Your Home:

The biggest mistake a homeowner experiencing any signs of mold growth can make is to wait. Action must be taken to successfully and effectively remove mold from your home. Do not hesitate to contact a professional to locate the mold at its source and begin the mold removal & remediation process. Ignored mold growth can very quickly turn your home into an extremely dangerous and potentially toxic environment.

Common Questions About Mold

Where does mold grow?

While mold can be persistent and very effective at growing in even non-optimal environments, mold really thrives in dark & damp settings. Any area of a home that is blocked off to sunlight and contains moisture is the perfect habitat for mold. Think inside basements, under cabinets or sinks, within walls that have been exposed to moisture etc.

Is all mold toxic?

No, not all mold is toxic and not all mold is damaging or needs professional removal. This is why we provide 100% Free mold removal estimates in Gilroy to give homeowners the ability to have mold viewed and inspected before having to pay any money at all. If you do not visibly see the mold growth however, an environmental company may have to be called to perform an air spore sample test. This typically costs somewhere in the $400 range as small air sample collection machines are left overnight to collect samples of mold spores from the air. Those samples are then taken back and shipped to a lab for testing. Once the results come back, a comprehensive analysis as well as an action plan for the mold remediation service in Gilroy, if necessary, will be outlined free of charge.

What sort of factors contribute to mold growth?

The major contributing factors for mold growth are moisture, or high humidity that leads to moisture build up. Mold thrives on moisture and air alone.

Can I remove the mold myself?

While some common mold types can be easily removed by a civilian, it is not recommended to do so until that mold type has been identified and verified. The EPA recommends that any mold growth greater than 3 x 3 feet be handled by a certified mold remediation expert. If you have a mold growth of any size that needs removal or inspection we highly recommend giving us a call for a 100% free estimate for your mold removal in Gilroy.

Common Causes of Fires in Gilroy and California

Fires in Gilroy and across California are often caused by a combination of natural and human-made factors. Wildfires are common due to dry conditions and high winds, while residential fires can result from cooking accidents, faulty electrical wiring, and unattended candles or heaters. Understanding these causes can help in taking preventive measures to protect your property.

Smoke Damage Tips for Homeowners

Smoke damage can be extensive and persistent. Here are some tips for homeowners dealing with smoke damage:

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Our fire and smoke damage restoration process ensures thorough and lasting results:

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