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As residents living in Northern California, we are blessed with many amazing benefits — one of them being the weather. Although flooding and large scale rainstorms are rare occurrences in Milpitas water damage still finds its way into thousands of homes every year. And even though weather is not the root cause there are plenty of other culprits contributing to water damaged properties here in Santa Clara County. From burst plumbing pipes, leaking appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, or from overflowing sinks and toilets due to backed up drains, water seems to find a way to damage homes and create tremendous headaches and hassles for home and business owners.

If you own a property that has fallen victim to water damage in Milpitas Ca and need a company to help assess and mitigate the damage then look no further than H&L Remediation! We’re a locally owned and operated water loss mitigation company serving the city of Milpitas 7 days a week! Here at H&L we always put the customer first, are fully licensed and insured, & possess proper certification to perform water damage restoration work. When you call on us you can rest assured we will arrive quickly, in a fully stocked truck, ready to tackle any size job immediately!

Most homeowners make the very big mistake of trying to remedy water damage on their own. This oftentimes leads to excessive water damage that can cost thousands to repair. This DIY approach to water damage clean up is very ineffective! Mainly because it only addresses surface water, or water that is visible to the naked eye. When residual moisture is left over from an improperly performed water extraction, rot damage & mold growth can become rampant.

Our Water Cleanup Process

Perform Our Water Damage Assessment

The water damage assessment is a pivotal part of the water damage mitigation process. If not done correctly the entire process can get delayed costing you time, money and potentially even getting your insurance claim denied! While removing excess moisture should be a priority once arriving on scene, a licensed professional will always take a few minutes to document the area, note losses and evaluate the situation before proceeding. During this time you should always request a quote for the services that will be rendered. If anything feels off, stop and contact another company for a second opinion!

Pack & Preserve Your Items

By taking the time to pack up or move out of the way any items that may have been water damaged along with all unaffected items we can create a safe workspace and begin to ensure no further damages occur.

Moisture Reading & Assessment.

We will use our state-of-the-art equipment to take complete moisture level readings of all affected areas of your home. This will allow us to see water that may have seeped into and underneath walls, flooring, baseboards and cabinetry. Oftentimes it is the residual moisture, or moisture left over after incomplete water damage restoration procedure, that leads to mold growth, warped flooring, soft spots on walls and peeling baseboards. Being thorough is of the utmost importance here. It is how we ensure no future damages occur. Improper water mitigation procedures after a flood is the leading cause of mold growth in affected homes.

Water Extraction

Depending on the severity of the flooding we will use one or multiple pieces of equipment specifically designed to extract water from carpet and floors. We will systematically remove all visible water to reduce contact time and allow for the next part of the process.

Structural Dry-Out & Dehumidification

One of the last pieces of the process is structural dry-out and dehumidification. Our dehumidifiers will dry out any water that may have escaped the extraction process. Next we use high-powered drying equipment that can dry-out any remaining moisture. This can take from 1-3 days to become 100% effective but don’t worry, we don’t even have to be there for them to work.

Why Choose H&L Remediation?

When water damage hits a home or business the problem is typically addressed by calling a plumber to fix the route cause of the leak or line rupture that lead to the flooding in the first place. Next, homeowners do their best to dry out the floor. Usually this is done by mopping up excess water and opening windows to increase ventilation. This works for very small scale leaks or floods but what do you do if the flooding begins at night or when everyone is away or at work? This is when water can cover entire rooms of a home or business. Eating away at furniture, ruining walls, baseboards and flooring. It will take more than a quick mop job and some air flow to remedy this type of water damage. That is where we come in. At H&L Remediation, we will arrive on scene, dry out your home or office, and mitigate any losses before it’s too late!

We provide 100% free water damage estimates and are proud to say we are locally owned and operated! This means we are not some huge national company that only cares about the bottom line. We will work with you and your insurance company to provide services that they will approve so you’re not left holding the bag.

Water Extraction in Milpitas

Water extraction is vital for removing excess water caused by natural disasters, flooding, or other events. While some think it’s just about sucking up visible water, the process is much more involved. Initially, we focus on removing standing water on floors. However, the crucial next step involves eliminating hidden water under flooring, inside baseboards, and behind walls.

Hiring a reputable water damage company is essential. Without proper equipment, detecting hidden water can lead to costly and unnecessary repairs. An inexperienced company might suggest damaging measures like cutting walls or ripping up floors. At H&L Remediation, we use advanced moisture detection equipment to find and remove hidden water, saving you money and restoring your property efficiently. For water extraction in Milpitas, call us to ensure thorough and cost-effective service!