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H&L Remediation is the leading provider of water damage restoration in Palo Alto. We are licensed, insured and possess esteemed certifications including the IIRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We’re also one of the most experienced water removal companies operating in Palo Alto with 500+ customers serviced each year in Santa Clara County! We are also very versatile, capable of handling all size jobs. Whether you have fallen victim to a leaking dishwasher or overflowing toilet; or a larger scale problem such as a whole home flood or water heater malfunction, we have a solution that is right for you!

Do I Really Need to Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company?

The simple answer is yes, contacting a water damage company is the smartest move when dealing with any water damage, big or small. Hidden moisture is a significant concern, often leading homeowners and business owners to tackle flooding themselves, only to face issues like strange odors, warped walls, and visible mold growth later on.

These problems could have been prevented if the restoration process had been handled correctly from the beginning. To prevent extensive damage and costly repairs, unseen water must be addressed, dried, and dehumidified—requiring specialized equipment only a water damage company possesses.

What is the Process for Water Damage Restoration?

Below you will find a step by step outline of our water damage restoration process from beginning to end. It will tell you what to expect throughout the remediation process.

Before we can start removing the water, we make sure to document all damages caused by the flooding. This documentation serves as a clear record for your insurer, ensuring that all damaged items are accounted for. Once the documentation is complete, we move on to the estimation process, which outlines all costs associated with water extraction, remediation, and dry out and dehumidification. This estimate serves as our water damage restoration protocol.

The best part? We provide all of these services 100% free of charge before you even decide to hire us. We understand how challenging this time is for you and are committed to putting your needs first

Next up, we will perform a quick and careful pack up of items that have been damaged. These items can be worked on to be recovered off site. Items deemed irreparable will be identified and trashed with the permission of the customer. All items affected by water will be cataloged and included in the insurance report for compensation.

This is the step where our expertise truly shines. Using specialized equipment, we can detect moisture that’s invisible to the naked eye. Whether it’s concealed inside walls, behind drywall, beneath flooring and baseboards, or within any other surface, we’ll locate it! What’s more, we can do this without resorting to destructive and costly measures like ripping up flooring, cutting into drywall, or removing baseboards. In short, we’ll find all the moisture and save you money!

Based on various factors such as the affected surface area and the specific situation, we’ll decide on the most effective method to remove all standing water from your home or business. Our goal is to extract the water swiftly to minimize contact time and prevent further damage.

This is where the equipment gets to work for us. We will use specialized drying and dehumidifying equipment to remove any residual moisture that the extraction process leaves behind. The machines can run on their own and do not need an operator. This means we can leave them on site for 1-3 days depending on the severity of the damage and you only pay a small rental fee. This also means you can begin to get back to normal without having a crew of water damage experts inside your home for longer than is necessary.

Common Signs of Mold Growth:

Have you noticed any of these signs of mold growth in your home or business? If so, it’s crucial to contact a licensed restoration company to start the mold remediation process. Here at H&L, we can assist you in arranging a proper mold inspection and testing. While we don’t offer mold testing services in Palo Alto, we can connect you with an independent third-party company for testing.

You might be wondering why we offer removal and remediation but not testing. The reason is simple: it’s a conflict of interest. Having the same company both remove your home’s mold and certify that they’ve done the job correctly could lead to biased results. By keeping these services separate, we ensure the integrity of the remediation process.

When you choose H&L Remediation for mold removal, you rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. With a track record of helping thousands of Santa Clara County homeowners, we provide fast, safe, and affordable mold remediation services. Don’t let mold compromise your health and property—contact us today for a comprehensive solution!

Mold Removal IS NOT a DIY Project

When it comes to safely and effectively removing mold and preventing future growth, it really is a task best handled by a professional. Many times home and business owners attempt the removal process by themselves leading to increased mold growth and spreading. This is most easily explained by mold’s incredible ability to grow at a rapid pace only needing air and moisture to survive! When improper removal processes occur mold is spread from one area of a home or office to a new, unaffected area without the property owner ever noticing. More often than not the only focus lies in removing visible mold without ever addressing the conditions that lead to the mold’s growth in the first place. To be effective in remediating mold damage and preventing future growth one must focus equally on the removal of visible spores and moisture monitoring to identify and remedy the moisture issue that lead to its growth in the first place.

How Do You Know If You Have Mold?

Above we listed some of the most common signs of mold growth, here we will expand on them a bit more. Harmful mold growth will almost always occur after significant water damage situations. Slow and often unseen water leakage behind walls, baseboards, and under floors or carpeting is another leading cause with high humidity being a key player as well. If your home has fallen victim to flooding, suffered from a burst pipe, slab, dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine leak, then there is a good chance there is molding growing in your home that you cannot see. You might be asking yourself, “how will I know if there is mold in my home if I cannot see it?” Believe it or not, mold’s presence usually carries with it several manifestations in humans. Mainly, allergy symptoms and unexplained or constant illness.

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We are amongst the most experienced molt removal companies in Santa Clara County clearing 150+ homes and businesses of mold each year! We offer same day and emergency service 7 days a week. When it matters most, we are available to assist you! We know that you have many choices when searching around for the right company to assist with your mold remediation. That is why we will do our best to impress you every step of the way.

From the initial call to our arrival at your home or business you will see why so many Palo Alto residents rely on us for mold remediation service each year. We are fast, affordable, provide free no obligation estimates and can bill insurance directly for service.

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