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Did your home or office fall victim to a water spill, flood, sewage back-up or other disaster that requires water damage restoration in Sunnyvale, CA? If so, rest assured you’ve come to the right place! Here at H & L Remediation, we offer fast & affordable water clean up and mitigation services 7 days a week! We provide fast service, flexible scheduling and 100% free estimates 7 days a week. We put our customers’ needs ahead of our own and have since day one.

What is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation commonly referred to as water damage restoration is the process by which water damage is limited and remedied after a flood or permeating leak. By mitigating a water leak we can prevent any additional damage from occurring simply by taking the correct actions, quickly.

Whether you have suffered a plumbing failure or have fallen victim to a storm or natural disaster that has caused water to rush into or leak into your home, we can help. Soaked carpets, rugs, floors, water damaged walls & ceilings, as well as warped floors and wet furniture are amongst the most common visible damage to a home or business. However, they are all still less devastating than a damaged foundation which is not uncommon when water damage goes unmitigated or is mitigated incorrectly.

Here at H & L Remediation of Sunnyvale we take very specific steps to ensure property destruction is kept to an absolute minimum all the while working to restore your property and your belongings to their original value.

Specific steps are taken to reduce property destruction, to prevent further water damage and to restore your property to its full value.

When to Call a Professional Water Mitigation Company in Sunnyvale

Since most water damage can come both suddenly and slowly over time the damage can be immediate or progressive. In both cases valuable items can become permanently damaged or destroyed. This is especially true when the proper steps are not taken to contact a licensed water damage restoration company. Sunnyvale residents are encouraged to contact a water mitigation company within the first 24 to 48 hours of the first sign of water leak or water damage.

Given the light winter months and moderate temperatures in Sunnyvale California and Santa Clara County as a whole, natural disasters are the most rare cause of severe water damage in a home. The single leading cause? Plumbing failure! When water or moisture seeps into any item, especially one with value to you, there are immediate steps that can be taken! Implementing the proper protocol can reduce the long-term effects of the water damage and restore items to their pre-damage conditions.

What should you do when you detect water damage?

Things to Avoid:

Don’t Delay Water Mitigation Services

Oftentimes home or business owners falsely believe that shop vacuums for carpet drying equipment will suffice in extracting water from carpets, flooring and walls. However, without specialized equipment it is all but guaranteed that water will remain under baseboards, inside molding, sill plates & inside walls. Second story leaks can seep through carpets, carpet pads & flooring and cause damage to floors/ceilings below.

Also, without controlling the internal humidity items that were once unaffected from the water damage will become damaged as a result of water absorption. The increased water in the air will get sucked into couches, electronics, furniture, walls, & floors. This almost always leads to the growth of mold which will require mold removal services in Sunnyvale.

Our Mold Removal in Sunnyvale, CA Services

Suffering from mold growth in your home or business? Need a qualified professional to remediate the mold growth, perform clean up, and ensure it does not return? If so, you have come to the right place! H & L Remediation is the leading mold removal company in Sunnyvale Ca. We provide thorough, fast, & affordable mold removal services 7 days a week!

What Does Mold Removal Service Entail?

Mold remediation, commonly referred to as mold removal is the act of addressing mold issues that exist within a structure. Whether that be a commercial or residential space, the process is the same. Proper mold remediation will effectively stop the spreading of mold and keep it contained to isolated areas. The removal of affected items and materials, the clean up of the mold itself, and the elimination of moisture at its source are all part of an effective mold remediation strategy.

Below we have outlined our process for assessing the extent of mold damage, containing mold growth and removing it at the source:

H & L Remediation will dispatch a qualified Sunnyvale mold removal professional to your home where they will identify moldy areas as well as locate the source of the problem. Next they will create an action plan for containing the mold.

Once the source of the moisture that is leading to the mold growth is determined, the affected area is closed off to avoid contaminating the rest of your home. This is especially important as mold can spread very rapidly during the clean up and removal process if proper steps are not taken to ensure the right protocols are in place.
One of the most important steps in the mold removal process is proper filtration. This is why a trained professional should be contacted before you attempt to remove the mold yourself! Mold spores travel very effectively in the air. Proper filtration should be set up to clean the air of mold spores and other particles. This is extremely important to prevent spreading.
Personal items, furniture, and draperies are all commonly affected by mold growth. Since mold is a living organism capable of embedding itself deeply into materials as a way of survival, we typically must remove anything porous from a home or business to ensure all mold is removed. H & L will work diligently to ensure that any items that can be saved, are saved. Nonporous materials (desks, picture frames, tv stands) can all be cleaned with our specialized antimicrobial cleaning products. Sometimes depending on the severity of the mold infestation a home or business’s HVAC system may need to be cleaned out as well.

One of the most important parts of the process to ensure that mold growth does not return is proper drying. H & L Remediation and mold removal in Sunnyvale will go over some moisture management strategies and put a protocol in place to ensure your home doesn’t encounter future mold growth issues.

Depending on the severity and location of the infestation some drywall may need to be removed, flooring pulled or internal walls accessed. Rest assured that H & L will return your home to its pre-loss conditioning during this reconstruction and repair process.
Following remediation, we search for any signs of recurrent water damage, moldy odors or visible mold to ensure the cleanup has been successful.

Health Risks Associated with Mold Growth

Mold exposure carries with it many health risks. It is because of the severity of some illnesses associated with mold growth that it is best to have mold remediation conducted as soon as humanly possible. According to the EPA and CDC all molds have the potential to cause health issues such as:

Types of Mold

Out of all of the known mold types, about 50 to 100 of the most common indoor mold have the potential to create health problems.

The most common types of indoor mold that we experience include:

The best advice any certified mold removal company in Sunnyvale can give you is to take action as soon as humanly possible! If you suspect you or your family members, or employees may be suffering from mold growth related issues, contact us today! Protect the health of your family and the safety of your business by contacting H & L Remediation and mold removal in Sunnyvale for a consultation and mold removal estimate.

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From top of the line water extraction equipment to humidity control devices to our moisture meters used to locate moisture that the human eye cannot see. We have the latest and greatest technology and the highly trained staff necessary to use it.

We truly comprehend how important rapid action is when mitigating water damage. We will act quickly, professionally and affordably to remedy your home or businesses water damage.

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