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If left unmitigated mold can and will cause seriously major health problems. There is no shortage of families who have had repeated respiratory infections, vomiting, fever, lethargy and extreme fatigue, and more due to unnoticed or ignored growth of mold. There is one universal truth when it comes to mold growing inside your home, that is, give it enough time and it will negatively impact you and your family’s health.

There are a lot sources that will tell you this is not true, not possible, or is in your head. Often times negligent landlords or homeowners who’s property is occupied by tenants are the biggest deniers. Mainly due to the fact that they don’t want to shell out a little bit of money for remediation work to be performed. After all it’s not their family dealing with the toxic effects of the mold growth. Having your home or apartment tested for mold is the first step you can take to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and sound and not falling victim to toxic mold growth.

5 Signs Your Home May Be Contaminated with Mold

  1. Musty, damp odors or odd smells that persist in specific areas of the home
    Any smell that is present in your home or apartment can be traced back to a root cause. Damp, musty odors can typically be traced to mold growth! Any abnormal musty smell (think clothes left too long in the washing machine) should be immediate cause for concern. If you or your family have noticed any odd or off  putting odors it is important that you do your best to find the source immediately.
  2. Moisture, especially over time
    When excess moisture builds up in a home, you can be sure that mold is not far behind it. If there is an area of your home that is often damp -basements and bathrooms are notorious locations of excess moisture – there is a high probability that mold growth is present. Whether visible on the surface or hidden under flooring and inside walls, where excess moisture persists, mold exists.
  3. Visible Mildew Growth
    Nearly all  bathrooms will have issues with mildew at some time or another. You can combat this in several ways but it is important to note that mildew in and of itself is not typically damaging to humans. However, any environment that is damp enough to grow mildew can also grow mold! If you see visible mildew in your showers or tubs we recommend getting a mold inspection just to be safe and ensure your family’s safety.
  4. Unexplained Lethargy or Feelings of Tiredness
    An often overlooked side effect of mold toxicity is excessive feelings of tiredness or unexplained lethargy. The fact is, mold can really take a lot out of you! Simply imagine how hard your body has to work to fight a toxin you are surrounded by for 12-20 hours a day!  Mold may cause you to feel very sleepy and lack energy. It can cause you to have unexplainable trouble getting up in the morning, or make you unequally exhausted throughout the day.  Unusual changes to your sleeping habits are always a sign that something is wrong. It may or may not be environmental but if it is you should look to find the source of the problem immediately!
  5. Physical Signs of Water Damage Throughout Your Home
    Rust, warped baseboards and flooring, water stained drywall, wet spots on your carpet, damp basements or excessive condensation. All of these are signs of water damage brought on by water leak. Where there is excessive moisture, there is likely mold present or growing!